What do you need in order to have a session?

You need to have a smartphone (android or iPhone) with VRIBUS mobile application and VR headset (Google Cardboard is sufficient). VRIBUS application can be downloaded from Google Play or AppStore. You will find a direct link at the bottom of our web www.vribus.com.

What happens during the session?

Each session is an adventure guided by your avatar (virtual coach). During the session, the avatar guides through different kind of mental exercises and short games. Based on your personal improvement you will be rewarded by different type of virtual experiences. You can track your progress and unlock new rewards by reaching the higher level. VRIBUS sessions are fun and entertaining experiences, keeping you motivated to improve your skills.

Is it really possible to remove a stage fright in only 1 hour?

Yes and no, with VRIBUS it is possible to overcome your stage fright in significantly short period of time. How fast? It depends on the level of your stage fright, symptoms and reasons behind it. Each VRIBUS session lasts around 45 minutes and can reduce the anxiety or even remove your symptoms. However, our recommendation is to take the session 2-3 days before your on-stage performance, because your brain needs time to process the new data we programmed during the session.

What are going to be the results after VRIBUS session?

It depends on the protocol, but for example a stage fright protocol can reduce or completely remove your stage fright symptoms. We have tested the protocol with university students and 97% of the trial participants were able to reduce or remove their symptoms. In the trial setting, we gave students an access to the VRIBUS platform and asked them to have a session 2-3 days before their performance. After the performance, we collected their feedback and compared results to the data collected before. A lot of VRIBUS protocols are about improving your performance, overcoming a fear or healing a trauma. You can repeat protocols as many times as you wish, but usually first results can be identified after 1 session only.

How do I know if I’ve overcome my limitation?

VRIBUS is using different technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect your current emotional state or level of anxiety. Detecting your emotions is the core of the communication with your virtual coach. Once you’re feeling less anxiety, the virtual coach knows that you’re getting better and overcoming your challenge, which means that your session will be adapted to your needs. You can also track your progress through VRIBUS user panel and see what improvements you have reached during the past sessions.

How often should I use it?

VRIBUS protocols can be used as often as you wish. Each protocol is for a specific emotional challenge, such as stage fright, exam fear, bullying, social anxiety or fear of flying. You can take VRIBUS as a part of your daily or weekly routines to become a best version of yourself.

Is it painful?

Absolutely no. Although we are working on emotional challenges, and sometimes with very personal topics, each protocol is designed to be an exciting experience and the coach never push you over the limit. The coach is continuously tracking your emotional state and adapting the session on your current level. 

I always feel anxiety on stage and I’m not feeling confident speaking in public. I have an important presentation in 1 week and I would like to try VRIBUS Stage Fright protocol. How should I do it?

You have a good time to optimize VRIBUS impact on your on stage presence. Our recommendation is that you would be taking a stage fright session 2-3 days before your presentation. This would give your subconscious mind enough time and space for adaptation.

I’m giving a presentation for my management team this afternoon and was wondering if your Stage Fright protocol would help me to eliminate the typical symptoms I’m suffering on stage, like nervousness, tremor and sometimes I’m not able to remember what I was supposed to say.

Sounds like your presentation will be in a couple of hours, which is relatively short time to achieve the desired benefits. However, if you have 45 minutes, we would definitely recommend you to take the stage fright session, for two reasons:

  1. During the session you will be imaging yourself on stage and this prepares you for the actual performance. Two hours is usually not enough to remove your symptoms, but the performance imaging may help you to reduce some of them.
  2. Even if you wouldn’t be able to remove your symptoms, you will have a clear reference for the next time when you are on stage. Compare this experience with your next one and enjoy the results.