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In the market research, the team identified more detailed numbers in Spain, UK and Germany. These are the most potential regions in European market, Spain being a launching market and the UK piloting English speaking market. Germany will be in the 3rd phase with German content and therefore needs a bit more preparation. During 2021-2022 main focus would be in European market, but by 2023 onwards the solution will be ready to enter Latin American market. The North American market is still under validation but can be realistically accessed in 2023.

Strategic Action Plan and estimated numbers of users in different regions can be seen in the graph below:


Stage Fright protocol will be focusing on universities and academic students. Team has selected 14 public universities in Spain, having 490.000 students in the biggest cities of Spain. Stage fright protocol will be released in March-April and the goal is to engage 2.000 individual user within 3 months. Sales activities include educational webinars (held by cognitive heath professional) about public speaking, stage fright and pitching, accompanied by a promotional rate for the students (2,99€ per VRIBUS session) of member universities.

B2B market comprises private universities and companies, for whom VRIBUS is offered as an additional service for their students/employees. Team has contacted potential companies in Spain and the first trial is taking place in March 2021.