Every person on the course of life faces challenges to be overcomed or habits to be removed. Existing treatments and therapies are expensive and not accessible for everybody. There are a few virtual platforms in the market, where people can have online therapy with a selected therapist, but they all lack one important element, presence. The therapist’s job is substantially more difficult when the client’s emotional states are filtered by the computer screen. Clinical therapies are not only expensive, but have a time and spatial constraint. In addition, the therapy sector is a wild west of different certificates and qualifications, where good/famous therapists usually have a waiting list with a hefty price tag.

Most of the existing therapies are based on the cognitive behavioral method, which does not remove the emotional response from one’s mind, but rather helps to control the anxiety and emotional response without touching the root cause. Our approach is based on the concept of reprogramming the neural connection between the stimulus and associated response, allowing people to have a freedom and perfectly balanced life.