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As per the product roadmap above, the first phase of the product development takes place in Q4/2020 and Q1/2021. During this period the stage fright protocol will be rebuilt and finalized for the sales release in April 2021. During the first 3 months we will be focusing on academic students and universities, collecting metrics and closely following the market response. In 2021, we will be developing 4-6 more protocols and widening our scope from stage fright to other emotional challenges. Some of the protocols are more complex in nature, meaning that users need more than one session in order to overcome the challenge and improve their skills. Repeating sessions is not harmful with any of the protocols, but some of them can provide clear improvement after one session only.

Very first the team started collecting data of the most common emotional challenges people are facing over the course of life. The basic information was statistics compiled from the literature on the most common emotional challenges and fears, pointing us in the right direction. Results from the survey are presented in “Market” section.

Stage Fright seemed to be the most common emotional challenge globally and the same trend was repeated in the market survey. For this reason, Stage Fright was chosen as a prototype. The following protocols in the pipeline are Social Seduction and Exam Fear. Fear of Flying is a potential protocol to be released together with B2B partner (airline, travel agency, airport). Next protocols can be developed and released once funded.

Stage Fright release is essential for the collection of key metrics, hence the most common challenge was selected. However, for promotional purposes the next protocol should be media interesting. Bullying and Social Seduction are interesting protocols with a social impact. Either of them would help us to create awareness in the media.